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Shanghai Tengmu Machinery Co. , Ltd. specializes in providing complete sets of equipment for fruit and vegetable processing, dairy processing, beverage processing, condiment processing, tea, coffee extraction and other food fields. To provide process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training in one of the turnkey engineering services. Shanghai Tengmu Machinery Co. , Ltd. gathers an experienced and innovative technical team, equipped with first-class processing equipment. Tengmu machinery is committed to the development of food safety production technology. Product series: Sanitary tanks, tanks and other containers, cleaning, pressing, pulp, filtration, sterilization, concentration drying, CIP cleaning systems, sanitary pumps, valves and fluid accessories. Product uses: Fruit and vegetable products, beverages, dairy products, condiments, brewing, biochemical, pharmaceutical, cold drinks, food additives industry manufacturing work machinery and equipment. Service areas: planning, design, installation, commissioning, training and related technical support.

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