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[ Fruit and Vegetable Processing Production Line] Extraction Equipment Helps Industrial Development

  Today, not only traditional foods such as brown sugar, ginger tea, ginger sugar, and ginger flakes, but also foods such as ginger-flavored malt, ginger-flavored cola, and ginger-flavored biscuits made with ginger extract appear on the market.

     As a technology leader in the fruit and vegetable processing production line industry, Shanghai Tengmu Machinery Co., Ltd. has the advanced technology equipment for the icing on the cake, and has been consulted and negotiated by domestic and overseas customers in fruit and vegetable processing .

[Plant essential oil extraction equipment] Essential oil extraction equipment

Plant essential oil is an aromatic substance peculiar to extracting plants. It is an extractable plant extracted from herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, bark, fruits, seeds, resins, etc. by distillation and pressing. It is used as a plant essential oil extraction equipment industry. As a technology leader, Shanghai tenmu Machinery Co., Ltd. has the advanced technology level equipment for the industry icing on the cake, and has received consultations and negotiations from domestic and overseas customers in fruit and vegetable processing.

[Canned processing production equipment] Canned apple water can processing technology

Canned apple water is a product made by processing apples through pretreatment, canning and canning liquid, exhaust, sealing, sterilization and cooling. The quality of canned raw materials is the main factor that determines the quality of the finished product.

Canned apple syrup has many advantages: it has a long shelf life, regulates the annual supply of fresh fruits, and can maintain the flavor and state of fresh fruits. Especially for field work, mountain climbing, quartermaster, tourism, etc., it is convenient to eat and has special significance.

Introduction of the whole line: Shanghai Tengmu Machinery Co., Ltd. provides a can processing and production equipment production line with a processing capacity from 5 tons / day to 2000 tons / day.